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Warranty: General Information / Procedures

As of 1/1/2015

Herein are detailed descriptions of the limited warranties that are issued by Beach Auto Painting & Collision (hereinafter referred to as Beach). Should there be any other issues or questions that may arise concerning Beach services and/or warranties, please contact the location listed on the front of your invoice. Beach will not be liable for offsite inspections, nor any expenses incurred by you in bringing your vehicle in for an inspection. Beach will not accept liability for replacement transportation while your vehicle is in our possession for any necessary repairs. It will be your responsibility to maintain and provide a copy of your invoice, and paid receipt before any inspection or repairs can be performed on your vehicle. All agreements must be so noted on your repair order, as any verbal agreements will not be considered valid. All services performed are warranted for a specific duration of time, and under a specified set of circumstances as outlined and described herein. All repairs are performed predicated upon the fact that the repairs and/or painting services are being performed over existing conditions. Beach warrants only the workmanship that Beach performs and only the materials that Beach supplies during the repair and/or painting processes. Beach does not warrant any repairs not made by Beach, nor will Beach accept liability for repairs made by others, which will affect the performance of the repairs made by Beach. Additional warranty periods will not be issued, nor will existing warranty periods be extended, as a result of any warranty repairs made by Beach. Warranties are not transferable under any circumstances. There are no other expressed or implied warranties other than those specifically outlined herein. Any vehicle/ parts not picked up within 3 days following completion, as allowed by state law, will be charged a storage fee of $10.00/day. Any vehicle not picked up within 15 days will be considered as abandoned. Beach will then seek whatever legal process that may be necessary, to allow disposal of vehicle/parts and recovery of costs. No vehicles will be released without full payment.


Authorization and Acceptance of Services Rendered


Beach requires that you authorize the specific services that are to be performed on your vehicle. No repairs will be performed unless they are specifically detailed on the estimate or repair order. Beach also requires that you accept the vehicle by the acknowledgement under the Completion Certificate as found on the front of the invoice. If at the time of pick-up there should be any dissatisfaction with any services performed by Beach, you are required to document any items you deem as unsatisfactory by specific itemization. In the event inclement weather or some other factor should prevent you from a complete inspection of your vehicle, you will be allowed seven (7) days to inspect the vehicle, within which you must contact Beach and arrange for an inspection of the specific areas of concern. In the event no contacts are made within this period of time, Beach will assume that all services were provided in a satisfactory manner. After the 7 day inspection period, claims will only be considered against the material and workmanship warranties outlined herein.


Repair Warranty / Repair Charges


The repair or replacement labor procedure units, sometimes referred to as “hours”, on which your estimate and invoice have calculated are based upon the labor procedures established by the industry accepted standard practices. The basis for charges will also depend upon the difficulty of the operation to be performed and the type of equipment used. Since the skill and speed for each technician varies and some repair procedures will require more than one technician to accomplish, specific labor units (hours) are not based upon a 60 minute hour. All repairs are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year (12 months), unless otherwise noted herein. Due to the conditions that affect the recurrence of rust, all rust repairs are warranted for a period of 90 days. Rust that occurs or reoccurs on any vehicle component which was not specifically repaired by Beach will not be covered under the limited warranty. In the event it is not possible to completely repair any rust damage requested by the customer, the customer will be so advised and the limited warranty will not cover the affected area(s).


Spot Painting / Panel Refinishing


Color matching will be warranted to meet industry acceptable standards and the general expectation at the time of delivery. The blending of paint onto adjacent panels to achieve acceptable results may be required; therefore, Beach reserves the right to do so if deemed necessary. Spot painting repairs, or other partial painting processes which are not the result of a warranty claim, will be issued for a period of 12 months against failure as described under “Warranted Conditions”. If a color match is not possible, the customer will be so advised.


Replacement Parts


All replacement parts used will be OEM (original equipment manufacturer’s) parts, unless otherwise authorized by you. The use of non-oem parts will be noted on the estimate and repair order as “used, a/m, lkq”, or some other acceptable industry terminology for non-oem parts. OEM parts are warranted for defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. Acceptable fit of oem parts will be warranted only if the adjacent panels are in good condition and without prior damage and/or repair. Variances in manufacturing tolerances and other conditions prohibit us from issuing any warranty on “used, a/m, lkq”, or other “customer supplied” parts.


Warranted Conditions – Paint Application, Peeling, Fading


Paint Application will be performed in an industry acceptable and environmentally sound manner. Steps will be taken to minimize the amount of fine dust particles that will settle into the paint finish while in the curing process, however, total elimination of these particles is not possible. Some dust is to be expected and is inherent to the painting process. Minor imperfections that exist on the surface of the vehicle prior to painting may be visible after painting; these areas will be considered as acceptable unless the area(s) was specifically listed for repair.


Peeling is warranted for a specific period of time based upon the paint service selected. The warranty against peeling is predicated upon the fact that your vehicle has not been previously repainted. Beach does not warrant the peeling of paint on vehicles that have been previously repainted, nor on vehicles where the basic preparation for painting has been performed by others. Beach warrants the following paint services against peeling for the indicated time periods: Commercial-none, Dealer-6 months, Silver-12 months, Gold-12 months, Platinum-12 months, Custom-12 months. If your vehicle exhibits signs of peeling, bring your vehicle to Beach within the warranty period for an inspection as outlined under “General Information/Procedures”. In the event peeling occurs within the warranted period, Beach will repair and/or repaint the affected area free of charge. Repainting will be for the affected area or the entire vehicle at Beach’s discretion. Beach will not issue any additional warranty against peeling for repairs that are performed under the terms of the limited warranty.


Items Not Covered by the Warranty
Beach does not warrant any conditions not specifically related to materials and/or workmanship. Non warranty items include: (1) areas not repaired prior to painting the vehicle which include, but are not limited to body plastic cracking, peeling paint or non-repaired body damage. (2) Physical damage to the finish including: chipped paint, scratches, dents, rust, etc. (3) chemical damage to the finish that causes spotting, staining, and discoloring such as corrosive agents, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, etc. (4) Removal or replacement of stripes, decals, and other items that have been applied to the paint service. (5) Cracks, chips, or peel damage to flexible body panels.
Note: some states do not allow for the specific exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damage. The exclusions or outlined limitations may not apply to you.

Fading is a condition where the gloss retention of a painted surface loses its reflective shine and the shine cannot be restored by a process of cleaning and/or waxing. Beach warrants against peeling for a specified period of time. Proper maintenance by regularly washing and waxing will protect your finish and greatly reduce the effects of the fading process. Should fading occur during the warranty period, Beach will repair the affected area free of charge. Repainting will be for the affected area or for the entire vehicle at Beach’s discretion. Any additional repairs such as paint cracks, rust, dents, and stripe or decal removal or replacement are not included in the warranty and will be your responsibility. Beach can repair these for a charge. If the vehicle is repainted within the warranty, the original terms of the warranty will remain intact and no additional warranty will be issued. All warranty services must be completed prior to the expiration of the specified warranty periods.